Grey Owl Vinyl Utility Box Wrap

Vinyl wrap on utility boxes

We all know that electrical and utility boxes aren’t the most beautiful thing to look at, but SCS can change that! With all this beautiful weather heading our way, this is the perfect time for us to do some outdoor installations! Showing a few examples o ...


Vinyl wrap project with @eastoncompanies

Happy Monday! We were pretty excited to be able to do some branding for @eastoncompanies HUGE concrete pouring truck last week! Thanks for bringing it over to SCS!


Vinyl wrap project with @jacksonhole

#throwbackthursday to some ski lift branding we did for @jacksonhole a few years back! If you swipe through the photos you can even see our old truck design!


Vinyl wrap project with @bozemanbrewing

What better way to bring in the weekend than a truck full of @bozemanbrewing beer? We’re so lucky to have such great clients. The SCS Team wishes you all a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!


Bozeman Health nonstop health care bus wrap

If you followed along with our story yesterday you know we’ve had this big rig in the shop for the last few days, and it’s finished up! Thanks @bozeman_health for trusting us with your bus!


Vinyl wrap project with @golden_eagle_woodwork

Thank you to our clients over at @golden_eagle_woodwork for bringing us their new van to wrap! Be sure to check out their page to see what they’ve been working on!


Metallic Jeep wrap project

Happy Friday everyone! To celebrate we wanted to share this Jeep that we finished today! The design is printed on metallic vinyl which is a material we are really enjoying working with.


National Fleet Printing and Installation for Traeger Grills

If you don’t have a Traeger grill believe us when we say you are missing out! We are so very fortunate to have clients like @traegergrills who are constantly pushing the limits with their business. We’d like to take a moment to express our gratitude to T ...


Another GO Fast Campers Wrap in the books.

Hot off the press 🔥🔥🔥 for our friends over at @gfc_usa ! Be sure to keep an eye out for their vehicles and campers on the road and check out their page to see the amazing work they do!


Volkswagen van with DeYoung accents

Just in case it hasn’t been made apparent to our followers...we love trout patterns! Especially when they come from @derek.deyoung 👍🏻


Do racing stripes belong on this Mustang…..YUP!

Raise your hand if you think racing stripes belong on this mustang 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️!! We’ve had some super fun vehicle projects come through this week. ...


Map Brewing Delivery Truck Wrap

For our local followers, did you know that it’s Craft Beer Week here in Bozeman? Our friends over at @mapbrewing even participated in the creation of County 6: The People’s IPA that was a collaboration with several other local breweries! https://www.inst ...


Vinyl wrap project with Norcrest

Starting the week off right with this vehicle and trailer branding package we did for Norcrest! We can create something for everyone and every budget, so if you have a project in mind please email us at [email protected] ! ...


Vinyl wrap project with @the_mustard_king

You know what day it is! Happy #fishfriday friends! Here’s another @rodriftboats we wrapped for @the_mustard_king with this killer trout pattern. Enjoy the weekend!


Mobile medical clinic – scenery RV wrap

It’s a pretty well-known fact that Montana has some of the most incredible scenery around, which is why we love wraps like this one that we did for @montanastateuniversity ! This rig will be used as a mobile medical clinic. ...


Vinyl wrap project with @theriversedge

Happy Monday! We always get excited about walk wrap projects, especially when they come from our friends over at @theriversedge !


Vinyl wrap project with @acelatruck

TGIF! Here’s a color change we did for @acelatruck. Be sure to go check their page and website out, they make build really incredible vehicles!


xoverland 2019 fleet finished!

We are incredibly fortunate to have such awesome clients like @xoverland Here are the two most recent rigs we completed for them (and a sneak peak at some aspects of our installation!)


Vinyl wrap project with Miss Rodeo Montana

Happy Monday y’all! We were so happy to be able to spice up this truck for @missrodeomontanainc ! Be sure to keep an eye out for it as she travels across the state!


Custom Min-Tundra wrap to match dads!

Happy #feelgoodfriday everyone! As you know, we wrap vehicles of all sizes! Check out this custom wrap we did for Bode so that he and his dad could have matching Tundras. Hope you all have an amazing weekend!


Chrome on Midnight Edition….What!!

Why do they put chrome trim on a “Midnight Edition” Tahoe? You’ll have to ask GM. All we know is, we have the solution! Before/after shots of blacking out the trim around the windows. 🌑🎱🖤


Vinyl wrap project with Neptunes Brewery

Have you been over to the new @neptunes_brewery location yet? If you haven’t, be sure to go check it (and the wall wrap we did) out! Maybe you’ll even be so lucky as to see a mermaid! Cheers everyone!


Utility Box brick camouflage

Now you see you don’t ⚡️ With the weather getting warmer we’ve been able to complete more outdoor projects and we couldn’t be happier! If you have a project in mind, give us a cal!


Transforming a Jeep Rubicon with a Camo Wrap

There’s nothing we love more than happy clients! Xavier was all smiles when we completed it earlier today. Thank you for traveling from Great Falls to see us and an even bigger thank you for serving our country!


Vinyl wrap project with xoverland

Hot off the press for @xoverland ! We are so pumped with how this Tundra turned out, thanks for bringing us this project guys!